Floating & Fractional Property Software

Our floating and fractional property software solution supports the full range of mixed fractions. A unit can be whole ownership, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, even 1/30. Any unit can be divided into any number of fractions, and unique contracts with unique terms can be assigned to individual fractions or fraction groups.

Our system is fully configurable and dynamic to meet most fractional property requirements.

Our solutions integrate with leading reservation and property management systems including Springer-Miller Systems, Oracle Hospitality, Infor, innQuest Software, Agilysys, Resort Suite, SkyTouch and RoomKey.

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Features include:

  • Fractional owners can opt in or out of the rental program
  • Unlimited calendar rotations and definitions: Calendars and rotations can be defined for different fraction types
  • Unique contracts for different owners: An unlimited number of owner contracts can be defined, each with its own set of definitions
  • Contract start and end dates: Each owner can have a unique contract start and end date
  • Owner Reservations Request Calendar: Owners can request reservation dates easily through online calendar
  • Trade weeks: Owners can trade weeks amongst each other
  • Full owner communication: Includes online owner statements, document repositories, messaging and more
  • Generate IRS 1099’s for owners that participate in the rental program
  • Ability to generate and post assessment statements and shared facility statements
  • Ability to post owner payments
  • Aging reports

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